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Construction Update

Empireworks is finishing the work on the St. Croix garage and then they will be moving to Building 1 of Phase 3. The first (15) buildings inspected and approved by the Board and the Project Manager were 5 buildings from Phase 1,2,and 3. These building will be completed first and then Empireworks will move back to Building 6 of Phase 2.

Should you have any questions related to this project, please reach out to Calvin Mead directly at cmead@empireworks.com or check out their website at www.empireworks.com.

Don’t forget! Empireworks will remove your old satellite dishes and cabling on the exterior of the home for free. To take advantage of this offer, please notify the Seagate office prior to construction beginning on your home.

Call for Candidates

If you have been itching to get involved in the community, please consider serving as a Board of Director. In September, we will hold the Annual Meeting to elect four directors to serve on the Board. Exact positions will be determined during an organizational meeting once the members are elected.

If you would like your name to be added to the ballot, please complete the form below and email it to the Assistant Manager at lparga@actionlife.com.

Please note: Only homeowners listed on the title can serve on the Board of Directors, the term is for 2 years, and at a minimum consists of monthly meetings.

Financial Hardship?

Are you struggling to make your new HOA dues payment this month? Please reach out to the management office to request a payment plan. There are pre-approved payment options with no questions asked.

All request must be made in writing. Any special payment arrangements will be considered, but must go through the Board of Directors. Email all payment plan requests to the General Manager, Martha Perkins at mperkins@actionlife.com.

Town Hall Meeting

If you missed the town hall meeting, please email the management office and we can provide you a recap of the meeting. In addition, we can provide you a copy of the PowerPoint presentation. We love all our residents, but due to the sensitive nature of this material, only owners may access the information.

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