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Holiday Construction Schedule

During the holiday season, the construction work is going to continue. To better accommodate the boat parade and your holiday festivities we have modified the work schedule.

Beginning December 2, 2019 – January 2, 2020 the construction crews will be working on limited buildings off of St. Croix, Windspun, and Bravata. To see if your address is scheduled for construction during the holidays, please contact the office.

The paint crews will not be painting any homes from December 13 – December 26, 2019. During this time, they will be painting the garages.

The construction crews will be on holiday the following dates:

November 28th

December 23rd – 25th

January 1, 2020

The construction and paint crews will return to the original schedule on Monday, January 6, 2020. All holiday décor must be removed by January 6, 2020 .

If construction interferes with a holiday party that you have planned, please contact the office at 714-846-8177.

The History of Pumpkin Carving

Without a doubt the most recognizable symbol of Halloween is a pumpkin carved into a jack-o-lantern. To understand the origins of how pumpkin carving began and what it really means we must first take a look at the holiday itself. How long has Halloween been around? Have there always been pumpkins carved? Here are some answers!

For most of the general population it is known as Halloween and is a night for dressing up, telling ghost stories, having spooky parties, trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving. What most people don’t know is that Halloween is actually based on an ancient Celtic holiday known as Samhain (pronounced “sow wan”), which means “summer’s end”.

It was the end of the Celtic year, starting at sundown on October 31st and going through to sundown November 1st. It was a night to honor loved ones that had passed on since the veil between their realm and ours is at it’s thinnest on that night.

Celebrated for centuries by the Celts of old, Witches and many other nature based religions, it is the most magical night of the year. It is the Witches’ New Year, and the Last Harvest. Although the religious significance of it has passed for the general public, Halloween is a “magical” night for all!

On this magical night, glowing jack-o-lanterns, carved from turnips or gourds, were set on porches and in windows to welcome deceased loved ones, but also to act as protection against malevolent spirits. Burning lumps of coal were used inside as a source of light, later to be replaced by candles.

When European settlers, particularly the Irish, arrived in American they found the native pumpkin to be larger, easier to carve and seemed the perfect choice for jack-o-lanterns. Halloween didn’t really catch on big in this country until the late 1800’s and has been celebrated in so many ways ever since!

Pumpkins are indigenous to the western hemisphere and were completely unknown in Europe before the time of Columbus. In 1584, the French explorer Jacques Cartier reported from the St. Lawrence region that he had found “gros melons”, which was translated into English as “ponpions,” or pumpkins.  In fact, pumpkins have been grown in America for over 5,000 years. Native Americans called pumpkins “isquotersquash.”

Did you know that pumpkins are not a vegetable – they are a fruit! Pumpkins, like gourds, and other varieties of squash are all members of the Cucurbitacae family, which also includes cucumbers, gherkins, and melons.

Wonder What Natural Disasters are covered under your homeowners insurance policy?

An article from Hoffman Brown Company

An important consideration when buying a home or reviewing your homeowners insurance policy is whether your insurance covers natural disasters, such as hurricanes or earthquakes. While standard home insurance policies may cover a wide variety of situations, it doesn’t cover everything. Be aware of what your home insurance does and does not cover.

Natural Disasters

Generally, natural disasters are not covered by a basic home insurance policy if you live in a high-risk area, such as a flood plain or along an active fault. In most cases, homeowners will need to purchase additional coverage to protect them against a specific type of natural disaster.

To learn more https://hoffmanbrown.com/which-disasters-are-covered-by-home-insurance/?utm_source=Client+Contact+List&utm_campaign=3ccfd0baa2-Monthly_Blog_Updates9_22_2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_898fde433a-3ccfd0baa2-301507299

Sea Grass Study

Have you heard? CSULB grad students are doing a study on the sea grass in our lagoons. Our sea grass is unique and does not grow in all areas of Southern California. The students are trying to figure out what makes the Seagate lagoons so enticing.

The students will be setting up equipment in the middle of the lagoons. Please do not disturb their equipment and share this information with your children/guests.

A projected schedule for the student activity in the lagoon is below. If you have any questions, please contact the Seagate Office at 714-846-8177.

Tuesday Oct 10th, ~0700 – 0800: Preliminary Site Survey
Wednesday Oct. 9th, ~0900 – 0930: Instrument Deployment
Saturday Oct. 12th, ~1630 – 1700: Instrument Maintenance
Tuesday Oct. 15th, ~0900 – 0930: Instrument Maintenance
Friday Oct. 18th, ~0900 – 0930: Instrument Maintenance
Monday Oct. 21st, ~0900 – 0930: Instrument Maintenance
Thursday Oct 24th, ~1500 – 1530: Instrument Maintenance
Sunday Oct. 27th, ~1100 – 1200: Instrument Removal

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